Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashionable Winter Clothes for Women

Staying warm isn't good enough. You could wear outerwear  or clothes made of similar materials to stay warm, but if your skin can't breathe, you aren't going to be that comfortable. Especially if you are going to sweat, ice skating, chasing your friends and family with snowballs or even sightseeing would make you sweat and if your clothes aren't breathable, they moisture will be trapped between your skin and clothing. Not only will you be sticky and uncomfortable, the damp and cold can leave you chilled. Winter clothing should look great too. Who wants to wear baggy clothes that though warm and comfy, make you look 20 pounds heavier. Your clothing, even your warm winter outerwear should fit your body as closely as the layering would allow. The look should be sleek. Sharp. The bottom layer should be skin tight, not baggy. Then the layers above that should be as few and fit as well as possible to reduce bulk.

Fashionable Winter Clothes for Women

Winter dresses are rather heavy and made out of fabric that make the wearer feel warm and comfortable. But, then it is the thermals that are still a requisite as well as the cardigans and the sweaters, mufflers and overcoat, depending on the temperatures. Getting back to the dresses worn in the winter, designers usually create patterns from wool that can be worn with leggings. And the colors are usually dark and somber ranging from the common black to the dark and not flashy reds, as well as the darker greens and blues.

Silver is usually the ornament, as well as the embroidery and the flashes of adornment. Usually, the dresses are high collared and full-sleeved. However, another common fashion off late has been the layered clothing.
The layered dresses for winter would include the leggings worn on the legs, as well as the trendy ones worn on the arms. On top of this would be a skirt or caprices with a t-shirt, then a shirt and below another lighter skirt. On top of all this would be a muffler or scarf with a cardigan.

Fashion Shawls for Women

This is also known as the ragged look, but keeps one warm all the same. And the best part of this, is that one need not step out of the house and buy something new, but wear whatever is in their wardrobes in layers… Mix and matched. Thus, winter wear seems to have called for plenty of innovation and creativity.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Indian Shawls & Wraps & Their Care

High quality and finely made product, very comfortable sitting under the shawl on a cold morning. Very soft in touch & warm. Shawls & Scarves you'll love. With a beautiful shawl and wraps you can look gorgeous anywhere you go for very little money.

Indian Shawls Wraps & Their Care
Indian shawls are known for being quite durable clothing. However, it does not mean that they are impervious from looking tired and worn. Piling is a term that is used to refer to the bits of fluff that appear on the surface of shawls after repeated use. They are caused when the surface of the fabric comes in contact with other surfaces. This is a normal reaction of fabric to being in use. Remember that just because piling is normal that does not mean that you have to live with it. In order to prevent piling from happening to your shawls, it is best if the garment is hand-washed. Placing the fabric in a washing machine can put a lot of stress on it because of the harsh tumbling motions.

Indian Wool Shawls
It is particularly important to use a gentler method of washing for items that have loose threads, embellishments and openwork patterns. This is because these styles are more easily snagged. If hand-washing is not an option, make sure to turn the garment inside out before tossing it in the wash. For shawls that already exhibit traces of piling, all hope is not lost. There is a device called a fabric shaver that is readily available in most department or household stores. These can remove the pills, or the bits of fabric that make the garment look worn. Fabric shavers work best with flat knits.

On the other hand, knits with textures or patterned services because they can be damaged. For loose threads, a knit-picker can be used. This is a tool with hooks to draw the thread from the outside to the inside. It is easy to find a knit-picker as most sewing shops carry them.