Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Indian Motifs Designs

India is a diversified country having varied range of cultures and customs. The Indian art and craft have become world famous. There is huge demand of Indian embroidered apparel and accessories. There is a huge variety of embroideries done in India, which have got more fame in terms of popularity in international market.

Indian Motifs Designs

Indian motifs designs are also very famous all over the world. These designs are the main part of any handmade Indian apparel like shawls, kurtis, scarves etc.

Floral Designs Shawls
Various motifs are embroidered through it like floral motifs which include flowers like rose, lotus, jasmine, creepers, etc. These arts have acclaimed international fame and are in great demand in western countries.

Embroidered Wool Shawls

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brocade Silk Scarves - Complete Fashion Accessory

Silk Brocade Scarves look elegant with any type of dress and wardrobe.These brocade scarves are basically the best fashion accessories for women or men also.

Brocade Silk Scarves - Complete Fashion Accessory

Brocade is an important craft since olden times. Brocades weaving in gold and silver is very popular in India. There are different varieties of silk which are used for brocade like tanduri, banaka and mukta. Beautiful silk brocade fabrics in a variety of rich colors, patterns and details. India brocades are woven in small communities that have rich tradition of silk weaving. Designs and motifs are integral to brocades. Generally motifs are drawn from the nature. The main centers of Brocades are Benaras, Ahmedabad, Surat, Paithan and Aurangabad.
Antique Design Brocade Silk Scarves

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shawls and Stoles - Perfect Winter Accessories

Winter is on the way, its time to put winter accessories like winter coats, sweaters, hats and shawls.
Shawls and Stoles - Perfect Winter Accessories

Shawls and Scarves are the excellent winter accessories in both practicality and style. Versatile and warm, a scarf is an easy and inexpensive addition to any winter wardrobe. Specially India is famous for all these type of winter accessories. In India there are some states like Kashmir, Punjab and Gujarat are the most famous for its material and embroidery of shawls and scarves.

Wrap Stoles