Monday, March 7, 2011

Cotton Scarf - A Great Summer Accessory

If you are looking for the day-to-day accessory, a cotton scarf is the answer. It may be simple and inexpensive compared to silk or cashmere scarves but just like a cotton tee, a scarf made from 100 percent cotton offers superior comfort. What's more, a cotton scarf is perfect for people who may be sensitive or allergic to animal fibers like wool.
Cotton Scarf - A Great Summer Accessory

The Cotton Scarf is a perfect day-to-day fashion accessory that matches nicely with every dress whether it is a jeans or skirt. The Cotton Scarf is especially popular with teenage girls who love to wear scarf as it completes their dress. But for women it is more than just a piece of cloth that is worn to enhance the look. In fact the scarf reveals your dressing sense and also gives a touch of elegance to the attire.
Cotton scarves look great simply draped over your head or shoulder, there are other stylish ways to wear this accessory.
Cotton Scarves

Cotton scarves are also used for hair coverage. A cotton scarf is ideal to be used as a head cover by people who are dealing with baldness or hair loss. From head cover to halter tops to hat and bag embellishments, you can use a cotton scarf to serve both functional and fashionable uses.
Cotton Scarf

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