Monday, April 4, 2011

Pure Silk Scarves - Square or Rectangular

Scarves are available in variety of fabrics but silk has a distinct appeal primarily due to the exquisite nature of the material. Pure silk scarves comes in two shapes, square and rectangular. Pure silk scarves are fashion accessories that can be used by women. They can be worn for any purpose. And it can be used as a gift for a special friend or relative.
Pure Silk Scarves - Square or Rectangular

There are multiple varieties of silk scarves that are currently available in the market that range from lightweight to delicate and gossamer light. These scarves are also available in different shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle or even a quadrilateral. One can also find a silk scarf in different sizes such as short, medium and log.
Square Silk Scarves
Some times, scarves are made to appear even more stylish by adding beads on the edges or doing a bit of hand stitching and embroidery on the scarf. These things add to the elegant look. You can select a silk scarf depending on the size, shape and the designs or patterns. Depending on the creativity of the individual, a silk scarf can be worn in several different ways. For example, it can be worn as a head covering chemo, a belt, an accent piece or a sash. You can even drape it around the body in the form of a shawl or use it as a bandana.
Silk Scarf

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