About Shawls-Scarves

Shawls-Scarves.com is an India based company, exporting handmade Indian Shawls, Wool Shawls, Pashmina Scarves, Silk Scarf, Viscose Stoles, Outerwear Wraps, Mufflers & Winter Accessories. All our items are procured directly from craftsmen who are competent in their work. Our maximum emphasis is laid on the standard quality of workmanship that reflects into the product while selecting items.

Shawls-Scarves.com's online shawls & scarves boutique offers you a great collection of jamawar wool shawls, silk scarves, wrap stoles, mufflers, winter accessories for every occasion.

Shawls-Scarves.com brings you exclusive one of a kind wool shawls, silk scarves, viscose stoles, men's mufflers, throws and blankets from hereditary & contemporary Indian weavers. We personally pick up our favorite shawls and scarves from suppliers & weavers from India. You'll not find these unique hand-woven shawls & scarves anywhere else. We sell these shawls & scarves in high quality soft wool, silk, cotton, pashmina, cashmere, viscose, linen and other fine fabrics.

Shawls-Scarves.com's brand name is DakshCrafts. Daksh is a Hindi word that means competent and Crafts represents here all type of Indian Handicrafts & Arts by hereditary skilled craftsmen & their workmanship. We always try bringing to you products that are beautiful & unique. Every single item is handpicked so that our customers continue to admire them year after year. We also ensure that our products have universal value since our customers are global.